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floppy disk hall passes for my high school Business Information Technology classes

Last year, I decided to steal the idea of a foreign language teacher colleague who used a Dora the Explorer potty seat as her hall pass. When used a (new) Sesame Street potty pass last year, low and behold, it was never once lost. Some of my high school students were so embarrassed to carry it, they cut down on their visits to the restroom. A substitute told me about a school in another state she’d subbed at where each teacher had a unique hall pass. Mr. Puckett had a bucket, for example. She extolled the virtues of a system where it was easy to tell which teacher the student belonged to at a glance, even from far away.

I liked the idea so much that I had to continue it in my new department, Business Information Technology. After some research, I came across a pin by another Business teacher. I decided to put my own spin on it with the help of some floppy disks I discovered while decluttering at my husband’s business this summer. I covered the old faded labels of the disks and wrote the required hall pass info on them. I found this idea a few months ago. Therefore, I saved lanyards from the various tech conferences I went to this summer. This project cost me a grand total of $0.


This blog was inspired by conversations with friends, colleagues, and family members about technology. Many people are intimidated by technology and claim they just don’t have the “talent” to use it.

I, however, think almost anyone can become comfortable learning new technologies. There are numerous reasons to do so: keeping up with industry trends, shrinking the world by connecting through technology, and ensuring that the next generation can use the tools they will need to succeed in their college and career experiences.

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